Sunday, 14 February 2016

Unit Review #17 - Battle Driller

Battle Driller

An odd Dwarf contraption that can be a pain in an opponents backside. A rather big punch for a little unit this guy can be a lot of fun to use. 


Speed of 4 is slow. This unit is let down by this slow speed which is understandable given it is some kind of mega drill. 

Melee 4+ is average which is nice.

Defense 5+ is great, this guy will hold up some units here and there and even get to fight back as a result. 

Attacks is this units big plus. For what amounts to a individual this guy has a lot of attacks ranging from 7-12. For an individual this is really good. 

Nerve is alright, it's not 9/11 and thats what matters. It wont take a lot of punishment but it can take a little if you are lucky. 

Points is also pretty good here, not something too hefty but also not overly cheap. 

All in all a pretty nifty unit. For it's size and points he has a decent amount of attacks which is the best part about him. 


Base size is half the size of a normal monster letting him squeeze through some smaller gaps. 

Brutal is great. Already doing a lot of potential damage this guy always counts as doing one more point of damage when the nerve roll gets in. 

Crushing 1 means against most things you are wounding on 3s. It adds a bit more punch so you can ensure as many hits as possible wound. Also helps it during a drawn out fight. 

Head Strong is awesome. Not as good as Elite but in terms of faction wide rules head strong isn't bad. It has a chance of letting your wavered unit not be useless. 

Height 1 is good. It keeps this guy safe and with his charge range he isn't doing any fancy round your own unit charges. 

Individual is excellent. At a glance it means he cannot triple attacks and is therefore useless but the ability to have free facings and nimble is also great. It means if someone is within 8" of you it is very likely you get to fight them. 

Overall all his abilities are great and helpful. Still only let down by his speed. 


This guy is best used as a charge buffer. If you have a high priority unit that needs eliminating then send this guy in with the unit fighting it. What you have to hope for is getting that brutal and extra few wounds in there. 

Unfortunately speed here is a huge hindrance, you wont be chasing down war-machines or hurting archer hordes or even protecting your rear from flyers. Speed 4 is just too slow for this. So instead if you have some spare points and nothing much to get with them get one or 2 of these and have them supplement your infantry with brutal and 7-12 decent attacks. 

Perhaps a nice combo is if you happen to have a less punchy unit on the field say for example Iron Guard, who can take hits but not really dish them out, then having 1 or 2 of these nearby could be huge at creating a small block of soldiers that can both hold and hurt their enemies. Dealing out a minimum of 14 attacks to 24 these guys to punch pretty hard without taking up much space. 

I would never take more than 2 though. I think these guys ideal set up would be 2 Battle Drillers alongside either Bulwarkers or Iron Guard regiment. They can hold a line while dishing out damage for 300 points or less. 


A decent unit but not something you want to invest heavily into. At 2,000 points I would say having 2 at the most is ok. Supplement your offensive lacking troops with these. 

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