Sunday, 14 February 2016

Unit Review #16 - Revenant Worm Riders

Revenant Worm Riders

The Worm Riders are found in the Empire of Dust lists and have an odd place in the Large Cavalry role. 


Speed of 6 is very slow for Large cavalry. These may as well be seen as large Infantry and should be used as such. 

Melee 4+ is average which is not bad. 

Defense 5+ is great and combined with their nerve it should help them stay on the table for a while. 

Attacks is great on this unit. Where most Large Infantry have about 18 attacks for a horde this one has 24 and that without a huge increase in points. 

Nerve is good. No waver and break on a decent roll. At the very least these guys will be fighting to the end. 

Points are great I think. These guys have no fancy rules but they have no obvious downsides bar being height 3. Just straight up offensive power. 

I would say this unit is very good in the Large Infantry Role, it is just unfortunate that it is height 3 which means your enemy will have more chances to shoot you. 


Crushing 1 is awesome, no matter the situation having crushing 1 is always better than thunderous charge. It means being locked in combat isn't so bad since you can hold your own in a drawn out fight. 

Thunderous Charge 1 is good. Obviously it means you want to get the charge off first to get the most of this unit but with speed 6 you can't always help it. 

All in all nice and basic. Its much easier to see how decent a unit it when it's really straightforward and very little about the unit is situational. 


Treat this unit like Large Infantry. Unlike most of the Empire of Dust forces they are not shambling so be careful not to get them too far forward without support. It's actually better if you can have other units take charges for you so you can best make use of their Thunderous charge and really hurt any enemy that tries to win a grind against your lines. 

Not being a shambling unit means no fancy flanking charges or anything so they are rather different from your army. This is also good since you can focus your surge efforts elsewhere. 

I would say the best place for a unit like this is helping out with your rather low damage output infantry. Help your Skeletons break enemy units and end the grind battles faster. Really without cavalry speeds these guys won't be taking on enemy cavalry easily unless you have suitable chaff but even then they simply cannot compete with cavalry. 

The way I see this is a really punchy line braking unit that, while faster than your shambling force (before surge) is not fast enough to compete with enemy cavalry forces.


A really punchy unit for it's price. It does not fill in the cavalry role but this does fill in the Large Infantry role and pretty well too. 

Not an amazing unit but a good unit to help boost your infantry line. 

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