Monday, 8 February 2016

Unit Review #14 - Ogre Shooters

Ogre Shooters

Ogre Shooters are amazing for many reasons. Found in the Ogre lists obviously these guys pack a big punch. 


Speed of 6 is good but shouldn't be used too often. 

Melee of 4 is great for a ranged unit. Clear out shooter stoppers a lot faster. 

Ranged 5+ is average for a shooter unit. 

Defense 4+ is ok. About normal for Ranged units. 

18 attacks is standard for a horde of large infantry. 

Nerve is decent though being the lower end of Large Infantry but it's more than enough to keep them in the fight. 

Points are wonderful. I mean they could perhaps be cheaper (can't all units though?) but for what the unit does it is well worth it. 

Pretty basic Ogre unit with shooting tacked on by the looks of it. But the abilities show it's true power. 


Brutal is ok. When chaff comes to try stop your shooting and your unit is hitting on 4s with CS 1, Brutal might be all it needs to just finish it off. 

CS 1 just helps this unit defend itself even more. I mean like Brutal these are secondary to it's main purpose.

Heavy Crossbows is the big one here. Range of 36" on a height 2 unit is great. Start shooting on turn 1 and threaten huge areas of the board without having to move. This is an awesome weapon to have at your disposal. 

Piercing 2 is great as well. Wounding most targets pretty easily on a unit with this much range and shots is always a plus. 

Reload! A unit cannot always be perfect, but with the longer range this shouldn't be a huge problem most of the time. Just be smart about where they are placed.

Overall this is great so far and I will explain why. 


Ogre Shooters are going to become (if not already) very common in many lists over time. Here is why:

  • Ogres are neutral so any army can take up to 2 units or 1 upgraded unit
  • Long range with piercing and extra height means they will be shooting far more often and more effectively than normal archers. 
  • Capable at defending themselves/charging an enemy if they have to. 
  • Cheap
No matter the army these guys can be effective at a shooting role. I personally have run them as a horde of allies with the +1 to hit magic item and they can put on shots early in the game. There is little someone can do to hide from their range besides simply hiding behind terrain being useless or giving up on the area. 

They can also outshoot any other ranged unit (assuming no upgrades) since the longer range means you get a first volley on them along with the extra piercing and height advantage. 

I have yet to try the Ogre Shooters as 2 shooting hordes hitting on 5s (460 points is a big investment) but 1 of them hitting on 4s has done me wonders during games. If you are ever considering allies try taking on of these for added ranged punch and give them +1 to hit on their ranged stat. For 275 points they are very nasty. 

Of course all units have down sides. Compared to a infantry horde of archers these guys have less nerve. If taken as allies these guys are going to have less support in the form of inspiring and so on. But really these downsides are very minor compared to the benefits. 


Amazing unit. Any army can take them and since they are so good at shooting if you are trying to include a ranged element then give these a look first. 

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