Sunday, 7 February 2016

Unit Review #13 - Komodon


The Komodon can be found in the Salamander Forces. This is a unique war machine in that it is a monster and not a war machine... being able to put up a fight in melee if it has to. 

Im going to review this as a war machine though since ultimately that is it's role. 


Speed of 5 is alright but since it is classed as a monster it can move at the double when needed. Without the "Reload" special rule it can also move and shoot.

Melee of 5+ is good surprisingly... for a war machine anyway. Unlike most war machines who die to a stiff breeze this guy can at least try to hold his ground.  

Ranged 5+ is about standard for a war machine. 

Defense 4+ is average even for a war machine. 

Attacks 3 is good. With only blast D3 it's good to have the chance to put on the hurt at range. 

125 points is a little expensive. Most Ballista sit at the 60-90 point mark depending on a lot of things. 

Overall it's best traits come from being classed as a monster but being a monster helps the komodon greatly. 


Blast D3 effects both it's ranged shots and it's melee hits which really helps get those extra hits for your points. 

Crushing 1 is alright, as we know this is a monster so unlike other war machines it will be fighting back. This doesn't mean it will be charging enemy lines but it can stand it's ground should a war machine hunter get too close. 

Piercing 2 ensures it is better firing at range than hitting in melee. Combined with viscous there is little chance you will fail to wound most targets. 

Range 36" is standard for a unit like this. 

Viscous is good, Elite is better but at least the hits that do make it through are far more likely to wound than they where before. 

Overall an ok war machine with the added bonus of being a monster. 


For anybody keen on winning tournaments, this is not the unit you want to be using. Not because it is bad but simply, like many war machines, they are unpredictable. So few shots and low hit chance means that you can never rely on them to consistently do anything. 

However that is not to say they are bad. If it's just a normal game then these guys can pull off some tricks that might pay off. Unlike war machines these guys are height 4 (monster) so they can sit behind your troops and fire without the cover penalty. This opens up huge opportunities for deployment since you can fire from most positions without hindrance. They can pick up loot counters, hold objectives and can even move somewhat swiftly when it comes to dominate and invade. 

Really this units strength comes from being a monster war machine. They have all the benefits of a war machine with a lot of the downsides gone. They aren't a points sink that will not be able complete objective based scenarios, they won't die to a stiff breeze and they can, if really needed move and shoot. 

Their downside is simple and it is the downside to many war machines. Low shots with low ranged stat means you may end up hitting very little. This unreliability means you should carefully consider any investment into a war machine and the komodon is no exception here. 


An OK unit which ignores a lot of the downsides to a normal war machine but keeps the unreliability. 

Take this in fun games but in tournaments there are much better ways to spend the points. 

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