Sunday, 7 February 2016

Unit Review #12 - Tortured Souls

Tortured Souls

Found the Abyssal Army these guys take up an interesting place in the force. Abyssals lack shambling so these guys cannot pull the shenanigans of other races. 


Speed of 10 is excellent, even though they have shamble they still move at double the speed of a human as standard. 

Melee of 4+ is average as usual. 

Defence 4+ is disappointing for Large Infantry. Many of them having Defense of 5 really helps for their lower nerve than infantry horde counterparts of similar points costs. 

Attacks are normal for a unit of this type. 

Nerve is good. No waver helps this unit greatly because if it survives you can fly away to fight from another angle. 

Points are a little pricey but nothing silly.

Over all a decent profile, perhaps a little pricey but with fly they can potentially do a lot of harm. Defence is this units weakness so keep them a little safe. 


Crushing of 2 is good as always. Most targets will be easily wounded. 

Fly is great, it gives this unit a 20" threat range and also the ability to do the fly shenanigans albeit in a limited fashion due to their shambling rule.

Fury is wasted here since they cannot waver. 

Lifeleech 2 is ok, not gonna do a whole lot but who knows, it may leech just enough lives to prevent a rout. Nice bonus but nothing worth raving about. 

Shambling is a big here, a big bad hamper. With no surge in the Abyssal list it means there are no shenanigans to be had with surge and fly. On a height 2 unit this would have been great. 

So overall pretty good. Without surge though it's potential is hindered a lot. 


So what we have here is an odd one... no Surge at all makes it limited in use compared to say Wraiths of the undead. But against most targets they will get the first charge. So if you play it right you can have a whole flank covered by 2 units of these. Obviously the strong counter to this would be ranged enemy units being in the same area. 

Camping objectives with this unit would be great too, since removing them from the objective requires letting the Souls charge the would be attacker. Ultimately I think this units biggest strength is deterring would be attackers with their huge threat range, but they are let down by enemy ranged units ruining this units job. 

What does this make the unit?

The perfect Cavalry counter. Most cavalry will be charged by these and first and with CS2 most cavalry will take some hits. This denies cavalry their speed bonus AND their thunderous charge. 

Short tactics talk here but really it's simple, be wary of ranged and place them to cause their Cavalry grief. Use their huge charge range as their main strength. 


Great Cavalry counter and area denial unit but let down by vulnerability to ranged units

OVERALL this makes them a good unit I think. Could have been great if they had access to surge but still they counter cavalry and more hard which means many opponents will have to consider their moves wisely with these on the board. 

When more pictures of Mantics models are released I will put one here

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