Thursday, 4 February 2016

Unit Review #11 - Zombie Trolls

Zombie Trolls

Zombie Trolls are very similar to wights and can be found in the Undead list. This review will be looking at the Zombie Trolls in General and also how they compare to the wights. 


Speed of 6 is good, means it has a threat range of 12 despite the shambling. Perfect to keep enemy at bay from your speed 5 units.

Melee 4+ is average. Just don't get them hindered and they will hit hard. 

Defense of 4+ for a Large Infantry unit is kind of average. Many/most have defense 5+. 

Attacks are normal for a Large InfantryUnit. 

Nerve is good, it has an average nerve for a Large Infantry unit however it cannot waver making it a bit more useful. 

Points is good value here. A lot of large Infantry run from 190 upwards so you save about 15 points while losing on a bit of Armour compared to most. In saying that many Large Infantry also start at about 200. 

Overall a nice unit. It's not weak in any particular area and is pretty good in several. It's downside is simply a defense of 4. 


Crushing Strength of 2 is great. Most Large Infantry I ave used only had crushing 1 so this is great. Wounding most targets on 2's is ideal. 

Lifeleech of 1 is ok, every bit helps but it is not game changing. You need to be fighting to make good use of this. 

Shambling is both good and bad. If you have enough surge in the list you can set up flank charges, hunt flyers who get behind you and do all sorts of wonders. But it also means you are much slower in the early game when surging is not so handy. When used right this vastly increases the potential of the unit. 

Crushing 2 and Shambling are the good points here and life leech is that little extra that might save your bacon later in the game. 


These guys hit pretty hard for their points cost and when used in conjunction with surge you can really do some surprising charges and maneuvers with an otherwise slow unit. 

Personally I would run these units in 2 ways, on the flanks as regiments where they can hopefully flank units who have charged your hordes or as a horde in your line of troops. Hordes have a lot of staying power and a lot of damage output and would be a great way of helping out your infantry for a low points cost. Regiments with their smaller bases trying to hit flanks and play maneuver games help them to hit very hard for their points cost but this method is tricky and is done better by other units in your list. 

These are a cheap way to really bulk out your army without a huge investment. A horde of Zombie Trolls costs as much as a Skeleton horde but will hit much harder. They won't hold as long however so be sure to have them supported by units with more staying power when taken in hordes. 

Wights are better than Zombie Trolls in every way with 2 exceptions. Nerve is down 1 point and they cost more. Wights come at 40 more points for a regiment and 60 points more for a horde. So the question is is the "upgrade" worth it? If you can afford it yes. Wights have an armour of 5+ which helps it so much in comparison to the Zombie Trolls and the extra crushing + brutal helps it a bit on the offensive. But that defense of 5+ makes Wights the better unit. 

Zombie Trolls still have a place. Say you are getting 2 hordes of Zombie Trolls to go alongside your troops. Thats 120 points cheaper than going for the Wights. So consider Zombie Trolls as discount Wights, they will do the job but for a premium the Wights can do it better. 


An average unit but with huge potential when you factor in Surge possibilities. Let down by it's defense 4+ while most of it's competitors are defense 5+. 

Wights are better but you obviously have to pay extra for them so it comes down to how many points you want invested in the heavier hitters of your list. 

Really I would see Wights as the Zombie Troll Upgrade. Get the Zombie Trolls first and then build your list, if you can shift around the points for Wights without hurting your list do it. If not the Zombie Trolls still do their job well. 

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