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Unit Review #4 - Herja Of The Fallen

Herja Of The Fallen

Herja Of The Fallen is a hero from the Varangur list. Considering her base size she is a beast of a man. Heaps to talk about here. 


Speed of 10 (as usual with fly) puts her among the fastest in the game. This is huge on a unit like this but we will get to that later. Obviously there is nothing to complain about with her speed. 

Melee 3 puts her at again among the best out there yet again.

Defense of 6+ puts her yet again among the best out there. 

7 Attacks for an individual is pretty decent, many have between 3-5 (some with 6) but 7 is a lot more than many individuals can hope for. Again this is big but we will come to that later. 

Nerve of 15/17 is ok, but with inspiring, life leech and iron resolve he should be ok with that nerve. 

She costs a whopping 260 points! On par with the Tree Herder in cost and sharing many of the traits but soon we will look into where the differences lie. I would say she is a bit pricey but she has some strong things going for her. 

All in all a solid individual who, while pricey, can certainly do a lot of harm on the battlefield. Lets take a look at her abilities and see what can be done with her.


Base Size 25X25 is great, less can hit her and she can fit in more places. When combined with fly this becomes even better. base size is often over looked by new players, but as all experienced players know base size matters. 

Crushing Strength 2 is nice, a crushing of 3 would be better but against most targets she is hurting them on 2's so not bad. Not really much to say here... 

Elite is great on a unit like this, it reduces your already small amount of likely misses meaning you get in more hits which usually = more wounds. Elite is useful on so many units and it creates a noticeable difference in damage output. On Herja her chances of fluffing a roll has just gone down big time. 

Fly. In KOW some of the most destructive commanders make good use of this ability. Fly on Herja is amazing as it gives her a threat range of 20". Unfortunately she cannot make the most of her damage output since she is an individual but in the tactics section I will put in why this is not a bad thing. 

As if fly didn't make her mobile enough she is also individual. This means a free reform before her move and 2 pivots (also granted by fly). NOTHING can hide from this character and NOTHING can catch her if you do not want her to be caught. This paired with fly makes her among the most mobile models in the game. 

Inspiring is useful but on this model she is likely to only be inspiring herself as you want her flying around annoying units across the field. 

Iron Resolve is my favorite ability. As a Basilean Player there is nothing better than getting a wound back because your enemy failed. Its not a huge boost since at most you get 7 points of health back over a game but in the right list it can really reduce incoming damage. With defense 6 you will not be wounded often, so when 1 of your few wounds is gone it really as a huge impact later in the game. 

Life Leech (1) is handy, if you play it right you ill get 2 wounds back a turn. Again it's not amazing but on a unit like this that won't be taking a huge amount of wounds it's very handy and the benefits begin to stack up. 

Lastly we have Judgement. This is a unique rule only belonging to Herja. Before the game begins you choose a unit in your army. This unit when routed gets a 1 time 4+ chance to stay in the game and HEAL itself for 1D6+3 damage. Now this is a one use maybe item that may not even come into play. I would never buy Herja just for this purpose since for Herjas points you can simply get another unit. But as a tacked on bonus it isn't bad to have in your pocket. 

**NOTE*** That Judgement can be used on herself. This is pretty decent because if your opponent is able to kill her off or you take some stray hits and some bad nerve rolls you have a 4+ chance to stay in the game and heal up. Unless you have a unit that needs to be alive it's always safe putting this ability on her and using her more aggressively. 

A strong list of rules behind Herja and I think she makes for a tough unit. Anyway here is the fun bit... Tactics. This is where I can start ranting about uses for this guy and how her rules come into play. 


So this is the fun part. First way of use is in a 6+ Flying Monster Heavy Meta. Do you play regularly against pesky 6+ defense dragons that dance around the field? I personally face one most games and tend to counter it with my own dragon. But lets say you do not own or want a dragon. Well units like Herja are your best flying defense. When players who units have one thing as their biggest defense, the ability to flee from any danger. Even having your own flying units means the enemy can always simply fly out of their arc and it turns into a game of "who makes the first mistake". This is where the individual special rule comes into play... Individuals get a free rotation before doing their turn, this effectively means a 360 degree charge arc. So how then, does a Dragon like unit escape an individual? It simply cannot, you are as fast as it and can pivot to face you. You will catch that Dragon. 

Herja alone is 260 points but comes stock with fly and other rules. A Dragon is 345 (give or take) points for defense 6 etc. Herja on her own will not defeat a dragon quickly so consider taking a unit such as the Cursed Son with Wings of the Honeymaze. This comes to a whopping 430 points HOWEVER you get 14 attacks, hitting on 3s (7 with elite) and wounding the Dragon on 4s (half of which have vicious). 100 points more than the Dragon but if you play it right by mid game their dragon has died (because it cannot escape your arcs) and you hopefully have 2 buff characters to either get you a safe 430 points for dominate or invade or go back and help your other troops with more attacks.

If you do not have a Flying Dragon Heavy Meta then the other obvious benefits are still there for Herja. It is unlikely Herja will die unless you put her into silly situations. It is far more likely she will live and give you an instant 260 point bonus to Invade and Dominate missions. She can also sit on loot counters and prevent any unit from getting close. Really in scenario missions she can control and dominate the map being an infuriating hindrance to your enemies plans. 

She can also hunt vulnerable support units like banners, mages and support monster like the mighty Phoenix. Lastly and most standard is she can shut down hordes of archers. It is common to see Ogre Shooters or Elven Archer Hordes allied into lists and a simple way to shut down shooters is to get a tough and buff flying individual to go take their shooting away.

Unfortunately for Herja though for most of these roles the cheaper Cursed Son with magic wings can do it too. So Herja requires some deicision making. In saying that there is a case to be made for Herja and that is her Defense 6+. The Cursed Son is subject to some danger with a defense of 4+ so really when you pay the extra 90 points for Herja you get more staying power but offensively you will be overkill for a lot of these roles. Herja is more reliable but also 90 points more. 


All in all she is a great guy (well as far as rules go) and her only draw back is cost really. 

I would put her as a solid choice all around and an Excellent Dragon (or Dragon Equivalent) Hunter when paired with a flying Cursed Son. 

She does her flying tough individual job really well and you pay it in points. Get the cursed son only if you cannot afford the 90 points extra for Herja. 

Another Pro for the mighty Herja over say simply taking the King on Chimera is her model is so cheap. All you need is a royal looking man on foot (or winged man) and you have a Herja. For new players who don't want to invest too much Herja is great for this. 

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